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Our Services Include

Softscape Installations
When a landscape design is appropriate for a project, there is a design fee of $75 per hour for that service. Here is what that design fee buys for you:

  • A plan drawn to-scale showing proposed hardscape and/or landscape, and relevant existing features

  • In the case of planting plans, a list of specific plants and quantities

  • In the case of hardscape designs, recommendations for materials

  • An agreed-upon number of hours of the designer’s time

  • One round of minor revisions, if necessary (1 hour or less)

Fees and Proposal

The Kirby’s designer will present this design to you, usually in person, along with a proposal explaining the price of our installation services. Please note that the design fee is a separate job; it’s a separate transaction from the installation job if you hire us to do the installation.


Once you’ve paid the design fee, you get to keep the design. We hope that you hire us to do the installation as outlined in the proposal but it is up to you what you do with the design work.  Until we receive the design fee, however, Kirby’s will keep the design documents as our intellectual property. The written installation proposal is yours to keep at no charge.

Design Fees

Design fees range widely, depending on the scale of the project, the complexity of the site analysis & mapping, and the budget for installation. Very simple, quick designs take 4 hours ($300); while complex, multi-phase, higher budget designs can take 16 hours ($1200). Most designs lie somewhere in between; some require more, but few require less. Once we have more information about your project, we are better able to estimate how long your installation would take.

Plant Renovation
Plant Care
Contact Us

If you would like to know if your project requires a written estimate or a full designs, please call our office at 804-559-5417 to discuss your property. We look forward to hearing more about your project, and hope we can be of service!

Plant installation
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