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OCTOBER 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Changing Seasons

Life looks a lot different this fall than how we expected it to. There is an election coming up next month, hurricanes are setting records left and right, many school age children are enrolled in virtual learning, the governor has mandated masks in public places, and human rights are now in the forefront of our minds.

At Kirby's Landscaping we are doing all we can to keep our community safe and at ease. Employees are instructed to wear masks, social distance, and stay home if there is a chance they are sick. Clients are encouraged to stay inside or call the office when possible. We all are missing social connections. In this time of uncertainty, we encourage everyone to spend time being grateful for the beauty around them, and focus on improving the areas of your life that you do have control over.

Aerating & Seeding Explained:

When we double core aerate your lawn, we run the aerator over your property in two different directions, removing plugs from the soil and allowing additional oxygen to the root system. Plugs slowly dissolve back into the turf with watering and rainfall, and will help replenish nutrients and provide additional soil contact for new seed.

You might have heard us use the term "over seeding". This means is we are applying seed over an established lawn at a rate of 6 lbs of seed for every 1,000 sq. ft. We use a drop spreader instead of a normal spreader around the perimeter of your lawn because it provides better coverage and makes it easier to keep the blue tag certified tall fescue seed out of your gorgeous flower beds.

Seed is Sensitive.

The seed germination process takes about 21-30 days. During this time, you will need to monitor your lawn's moisture to gauge how much water it may need. We recommend a thorough soak every morning, but shorten the irrigation time if you notice puddling. Don't be afraid to give it an afternoon spritz if the turf is looking dry. We generally discourage watering in the evening as the residual moisture can encourage fungus and mold growth which is detrimental for sprouting seed.

Freshly germinated grass is weak and has a hard time recovering in less than ideal environments, so please avoid walking on it or moving heavy equipment over it for a few weeks.

We usually wait 2-3 weeks before we restart mowing.

How COVID effects the Landscape Industry

How COVID effects the Landscape Industry

Demand for materials has skyrocketed in the past few months and appointment slots fill up quickly. Current waits for a hardscape installation might be as long as three months.

Landscape designs and proposals often take time and research to complete. The most common mistake we find is not allowing enough room to accommodate plant growth. Contact us now for planning a spring installation.

Plan to Prune!

Pruning can make or break the appearance of a landscape or health of a shrub. If pruned too late, buds set for next year's flowers could be removed. If pruned too early, growth could be stunted. It is always okay to remove dead or diseased branches of shrubs - just be sure to sterilize clippers frequently.

The cooler months are the perfect time to create landscape designs and prune most existing shrubs.

Have Kirby's Do It!

The best practice when pruning is to aim for a natural look. We start by removing dead, diseased and broken branches. Then we trim branches that cross the center of the plant and any branches that rub against each other

Did you know?

Our nutrition program uses Holganix to sustainably fortify your soil for better water retention and stronger root systems

Irrigation winterizations for existing irrigation clients will be scheduled for October- November.

Watering Help?

Your lawn needs about 1" of water a week. Let us know if you would like a rain gauge!


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