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Our Services Include:
Keep your lawn looking it’s best
with our irrigation services!



Virginia has a unique climate.  We're not so far south that southern grasses like Bermuda and Zoysia grasses would do well year round and we're not far enough north that Cool Season Fescue is happy year round either. 

An irrigation system aids in keeping lawns of all types happy year round.  Give us a call to help maintain your existing irrigation system.



Have an Irrigation system that needs repair? 
Our technicians can diagnose the problem and give you a quote to fix the problem.  Repair visits start at $90.00 per man hour plus materials.


Need Regular Maintenance on your system for Spring Start up and Winterization?
We offer yearly Irrigation Contracts starting at $150 and increases based on how many zones are in your system.  *Bonus* Contracted customers get a discounted rate of $75 per hour for repairs. Sign up for yearly Irrigation Contract is open Jan. 1 - Feb. 28th


At this time Kirby's Landscaping is not Installing new systems.  However, we can help you maintain or repair and existing Irrigation system. 

System Maintenance

Kirby’s Landscaping offers a 1 year Irrigation Service Agreement with several options to chose from based on what’s best for your system and budget.  At each contracted visit our Irrigation Technician will run through your entire system.

They are checking for functionality of the heads, making appropriate adjustments to the individual heads regarding aim and reach, adjusting zone run-times and making program changes that are appropriate for the upcoming season.

Enrollment for residential and commercial property owners to sign up for our Irrigation Service Agreement is Jan. 1 – Feb. 28th.  If you miss this enrollment period we can still service your system during the year, however, it will be at non-contracted rates.  When enrollment opens again for Jan 1- Feb 28th, we will send you an agreement for the 10 month season so you may take advantage of our maintenance program and “contracted” service rates.  


“Repairs” include; diagnosing problems, replacing broken/faulty heads, valves, locating and repairing leaks, moving irrigation heads, installing additional zones, etc.  Time and materials for repairs are not included in the chosen service agreement.  Repair rates for contracted customers are $75.00 per hour for labor plus the cost of materials.  Pricing for non-contracted services is $90 per hour plus the cost of materials. Give us a call at the office to schedule a repair to your irrigation system, 804-559-5417.

Contact Us

If you have questions or want to schedule an appointment, please call our office at 804-559-5417.

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